Welcome to Dhanki Community  Website

Dhanki is a Bhil language of India, mainly spoken in Gujarat, Rajathan and Maharasthra. Alternate names are Dangi, Dangri, Dangs Bhil, Dhanka, Kakachhu-Ki Boli, Tadavi, Tadvi Bhil etc. Their population is 139,000. They are found in Gujarat, Dangs district; Maharashtra, Jalgaon district; Karnataka; and Rajasthan. Dhankia and Tadvi Bhil are Scheduled Tribes. Dhanka of Rajasthan reportedly speak Hindi as L1; Dhanka of Maharashtra use Gujarati as L1; Tadvi Bhil reportedly use Bhili [bhb] as L1.  

In this website, you can download a lot of resources like New Testament, Bible stories, songs, messages, cultural videos etc. We have also uploaded Dhanki Android Bible App and desktop app. We request the Dhanki believers to share songs, messages and other materials in Dhanki language for this website.

God bless you all!